You can request the following services from us for your PKI.


Use of certificates to secure communication generates trust among all communication partners.


Infrastructure requirements are highly dependent on use cases.
Before starting the implementation, the technical requirements for the hardware and software must be defined.


What is a PKI and what are the requirements for building a PKI environment?
How is a PKI installed and set up and what daily work is involved?
We offer workshops on all of these points and more.


Securing the PKI environment and building a secure enterprise network.
Certificates to secure internal communication.


What are digital certificates (X.509) and how are certificate templates created. What certificate distribution methods can be used.


Create and describe PKI processes.

Roles and rights

Set up groups for PKI administrators and PKI users. Determine which groups are assigned which rights to the PKI.


Training of administrators. Building capabilities to operate a PKI (internal/external).


Creation of documentation of the PKI environment (configuration, certificate templates and work steps).
Creation of a FAQ for users (documentation for certificate application).


Establishing a PKI environment based on globally valid specifications.

Use Case

Review of current PKI relevant use cases and their definition.


For example, combine on-prem solutions and public trusted certificates.


The business JS EDV -Beratung und InterNET was founded in Hamburg in October 2000. 

Before 2014, the company was in the business: IT-Support active.

In late 2019, a realignment took place and the company was re-established.

The focus finds its way into the new company name: PKI Consultant. The focus is on working with digital certificates and all topics connected with the topic Public Key Infrastructure.

PKI Expert

More than 15 years of PKI experience are waiting for you.

Jörn Schumann

Managing Director

Senior PKI Consultant
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